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More than just a "Sticker". Use the right labels to ensure accuracy and patient safety!

Barcode Ribbons

Using the right labels, wristbands, tags and printing supplies is just the first step to reliable and accurate barcode scanning and printing in the hospital. To be functional, barcode and RFID labels need to be legible, scannable and able to stay attached to the item. Although the quality of the printer and scanner can impact the functionality of the label, compliant readability usually begins with the characteristics of the label or tag itself. It pays to take the time to consult with experts such as the specialists at ATPL for help in choosing the right product for each situation.

Make sure labels can withstand exposure to the elements in each area of the hospital.

There are several important considerations in choosing barcode & labeling supplies:-

Temperature, humidity and light of the working environment

Size and shape of items

Contact with chemicals and disinfectants

Exposure to imaging such as MRIs and x-ray

Oily, greasy or dirty surfaces

Our team of specialists can work with you to review your operations, identify your needs and recommend the most appropriate labels, ribbons and wristbands, if required. We will ensure the media selected is durable and high quality, capable of supporting your printing technologies, whether the labels are paper or synthetic with a direct thermal or thermal transfer application. If you want customized labels, we can work with our partners to produce just the right size, adhesive, design and color.

Supplies Management

We know one of your concerns is running out of supplies. To make sure you always have the supply of labels, wristbands and ribbons you need, ATPL offers two options. We can auto ship a predetermined amount of product regularly or we can ship ‘on demand’. We are even prepared to create your labels and store them in our warehouse until you need them. Any of these arrangements can be adjusted as your business grows or your product lines change

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Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels use the same basic technology as direct thermal, but with the elimination of chemically-coated media in favor of a non-sensitized face stock and a special inked ribbon. A durable polyester ribbon film coated with a dry thermal transfer ink is placed between the thermal print head and label. The thermal print head is used to melt the ink onto the label surface, where it cools and anchors to the media surface. The polyester ribbon is then peeled away, leaving behind a stable, passive image.

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