Fiber Laser Marking

Suitable for rugged industrial environment, can operate without chillers. For high-resolution, high-speed marking and high-volume application. Easy to integrate, adaptable with negligible maintenance cost and zero requirement of consumables. Provides the best industrial solution for product identification and traceability and can perform Marking/Engraving/Coding/ Itching on all types of metals. Manufacturers who need to code data such as expiry information, lot and batch numbers, and other critical production information. Fiber laser marking machine can mark on substrates such as Coated Metals, Coated Glass, Fiber Glass, Plastics, Acrylic, Wood, Foam, Rubber, Cast Iron & Leather.

CO2 Laser Marking

Suitable for Non-metallic materials especially plastics.High quality & high duty cycle applications. Perfect for Fly-Marking-Applications (FMA) as well as stationary marking. Extensively used in food, Pharma, packaging, electronic components, consumer goods, integrated circuits, electrical appliances, mobile communications, building materials, and PVC pipes. Some of the CO2 laser marking machine applications such as Plastics, Pet Bottles, Glass, Acrylic, Wood, Ceramics, Plastic, Foils, films & Leather

UV Laser Marking

UV laser marking machine has mini laser spot, small heat affected zone, so it can be used in hyperfine marking, special material marking. It is the first choice for customers who requires high quality marking effect and special material application. UV laser marking machine has some advantages, for example perfect laser beam ,small laser spot, small heat affected zone, no material burnt problem. High marking speed, high efficiency, stable performance & low electricity consumption

Pin Marking

Precise, long-lasting marks are essential to leaving legible wording on substrates. Fast-paced industries depend on tools like dot peen markers to automate the process of marking characters on plastic and metal surfaces. Offer a collection of dot peen markers designed for optimal efficiency and long-lasting impressions. Our dot peen markers deliver precise dot placement that yields high-quality efficient marks for various applications.