Industrial Tablets & Rugged Mobility Devices - ATPL

Field Mobility Devices

Mobile computers are available with Flex Range built on Mobility Edge platform, are rugged, ultra-reliable performance, data connectivity and communications for front-line mobile workers in retail, logistics and fieldwork. An integrated and scalable approach based on a common hardware and software Mobility Edge platform . Achieving enterprise stability and security via incorporating a powerful Qualcomm processor that is guaranteed to support from Android.

Enterprise Devices

Enterprise-class mobile computer that provides reliable and secure connectivity between frontline workers and backend systems. It’s designed for retail use, logistics, manufacture, healthcare and public service Its lightweight and slim design means that users can easily operate the device with one hand, carry it in pockets, and stay comfortable all day. With a battery that lasts for two to three shifts and ergonomically balanced design that minimizes user fatigue Available with physical Keypad Choice of read range from a few centimetres up to 20 meters .

Rugged Devices

Android Enterprise Rugged handheld computer can help you improve the speed and accuracy of operations Come up with full-touch capabilities plus real keys for fast data entry at high transaction rates even in severe environment. Enhanced 1D/2D scanning/data capture with read ranges of 0.15 m to 15.2 m typically required in today’s warehouses. Ultra-rugged construction withstands 3.0 m drops to concrete and 1m tumbles. IP65/IP67 ratings against dust/ water spray. Cold storage and non-incendive options support operation.

Zone Devices

Suited for Special zone such as explosive atmosphere is likely to occur during normal operation, Oily environment, Mines, freezer environments and non-incendive & hazardous gases. High Visibility Display in Direct Sunlight and easily used with dirty or wet work gloves Extremely loud speaker, noise cancellation, a powerful battery, water and drop resistance

Cold Storage Devices

Coats, hats, proper ear protection, footwear, and gloves are essential for warehouse workers to function more than a few minutes in cold storage areas. In much the same way, mobile data-collection computers must be built to perform under these demanding conditions. Associated barcode readers, and wireless networking equipment have been designed with features required specifically for use in cold environments. Available that are specifically made for prolonged use in cold, moist, and freezing conditions.

Industrial Tablets

Rugged tablet is designed for rapid user adoption. Ready to fit for daily workflow whether you’re a supervisor or a shop floor employee, a manager or a maintenance worker. Connect workers with subject matter experts using secure text, voice and video communications. Powerful barcode scan capabilities including near, mid and far range scans with instantaneous autofocus & rugged drop specification Vehicle docks for forklift mounting, desk docks for office use, hand or shoulder straps for keeping your tablet at your side