Desktop, Mobile, Industrial, RFID & ID Card Printers | ATPL

Desktop Printer

For budgetary label printing solution. Designed and built to deliver high-quality & performance. Withstand tough environments. Affordable, hardworking printers will print high-quality labels all day long, producing thousands of clear, crisp barcode and identification labels per day. Can print a wide variety of labels ranging from shipping labels to compliance and general-purpose product identification labels

Mobile Printer

To print labels at the location they need. Portable mobile printer built for the most rugged environments. Quiet operation, and excellent value to help operations. Increase efficiency and minimize downtime. Easy integrated device management. Provides high level of security throughout the entire printer lifespan

Industrial printer- Mid range

Very ergonomic design suited for manufacturing, retail, logistics, healthcare and government applications. Tough, compact, and sleek appearance, suitable for use in a wide range of settings & applications. Has peeling, rewinding and cutting assemblies to cope with a wide range of application scenarios. Supports multiple printer command languages.

RFID Printer

Enterprise-level desktop printers to high-volume industrial printers features and RFID encoding at a much more affordable price. RFID high-speed encoding abilities along with optional 1D and 2D inline barcode verifier technology. RFID capabilities include the ability to encode and print on standard RFID paper labels most commonly used in carton or pallet supply chain applications. Also encode and print on most on-metal RFID tags commonly used in asset tracking applications where the tagged item has a metal surface, such as IT servers, safety deposit boxes, or gas canisters.

Data Visualization Industrial printer- High Performance

Industrial printing to a new level of accuracy and simplicity by providing customers with error-free precision printing, increasing production efficiency and reducing operational costs. Extremely precise printing & high volume. Integrated label verification technology checks and ensures that barcodes are accurate every time. Smart printing capability allows users to configure and print without the need for a host computer. Provides predictive analytics and data on printer health to help managers oversee their entire printer fleet and proactively prevent issues, ensuring maximum uptime. Suited for transportation and logistics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, shipping and distribution centres, applications that are regulated and require high precision and error-free printing

ID card printer

Create ID cards right out of the box with plug-and-play. Simple, reliable and affordable photo ID card personalization. Delivering a new level of durable, great-looking credentials. Edge-to-edge printing in full-color.