Wired Scanner 1D / 2D

Superior scanning solution for 1D & 2D Barcodes. Premium wired scanning for retail, dispatch, workstation that demand high-accuracy scanning of barcodes. To Improve your Business through Technology. capture even the most difficult-to-read or damaged barcodes.

Wireless Scanner 1D / 2D

Wireless scanning solution for 1D & 2D Barcodes. Freedom of movement around POS terminals, conveyors, Stores, Dispatch, Warehouse & workstation.Superior Battery capacity for long duration work

Industrial High Performance Scanners

Rock-solid reliable scanning solution. Best-in-class durability & dropping spec Ultra-rugged scanning solution. Good Performance even in drops from loading docks, fork trucks, and picking trucks. For high-speed scanning.

Handsfree Scanner

Point-of-sale hands free/presentation mode scanning solution. To get better performance and modern design in minimum budget. Suitable for Store, Retail, Supermarket, checkout counter

Wearable Scanner

It would be Compact, high-performance, hands-free wearable scanner to help businesses improvement and manpower efficiency. Eliminating wasted motion with scanner in-hand. Ergonomic scanning support high-frequency workflows.

DPM Scanner

To read barcodes from Direct Part Marks (DPM) used in industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, defence and aerospace industries. Innovative multi-illumination system enables scanning of virtually any type of direct part mark regardless of size, surface, marking method or contrast.

Vision Scanner

Built-in AI technology designed to capture imaging condition Identify presence and difference checking Read objects on the move

Fixed Conveyor Scanner

Has Lightweight, Durable and Portable for conveyor application.An ideal fixed-mount scanning solution for use in light industrial applications and kiosks.Network-ready with I/O functionality for accessories such as external triggers and auxiliary lighting


Desktop Printer

For budgetary label printing solution. Designed and built to deliver high-quality & performance. Withstand tough environments. Affordable, hardworking printers will print high-quality labels all day long, producing thousands of clear, crisp barcode and identification labels per day. Can print a wide variety of labels ranging from shipping labels to compliance and general-purpose product identification labels

Mobile Printer

To print labels at the location they need. Portable mobile printer built for the most rugged environments. Quiet operation, and excellent value to help operations. Increase efficiency and minimize downtime. Easy integrated device management. Provides high level of security throughout the entire printer lifespan

Industrial printer- Mid range

Very ergonomic design suited for manufacturing, retail, logistics, healthcare and government applications. Tough, compact, and sleek appearance, suitable for use in a wide range of settings & applications. Has peeling, rewinding and cutting assemblies to cope with a wide range of application scenarios. Supports multiple printer command languages.Ensures accurate paper feeding and help to avoid ribbon wrinkles & printing dirt

RFID Printer

Enterprise-level desktop printers to high-volume industrial printers features and RFID encoding at a much more affordable price. RFID high-speed encoding abilities along with optional 1D and 2D inline barcode verifier technology. RFID capabilities include the ability to encode and print on standard RFID paper labels most commonly used in carton or pallet supply chain applications. Also encode and print on most on-metal RFID tags commonly used in asset tracking applications where the tagged item has a metal surface, such as IT servers, safety deposit boxes, or gas canisters.

Data Visualization Industrial printer- High Performance

Industrial printing to a new level of accuracy and simplicity by providing customers with error-free precision printing, increasing production efficiency and reducing operational costs. Extremely precise printing & high volume. Integrated label verification technology checks and ensures that barcodes are accurate every time. Smart printing capability allows users to configure and print without the need for a host computer. Provides predictive analytics and data on printer health to help managers oversee their entire printer fleet and proactively prevent issues, ensuring maximum uptime. Suited for transportation and logistics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, shipping and distribution centres, applications that are regulated and require high precision and error-free printing

ID card printer

Create ID cards right out of the box with plug-and-play. Simple, reliable and affordable photo ID card personalization. Delivering a new level of durable, great-looking credentials. Edge-to-edge printing in full-color.


Field mobility devices

Mobile computers are available with FlexRange built on Mobility Edge platform, are rugged, ultra-reliable performance, data connectivity and communications for front-line mobile workers in retail, logistics and fieldwork. An integrated and scalable approach based on a common hardware and software Mobility Edge platform . Achieving enterprise stability and security via incorporating a powerful Qualcomm processor that is guaranteed to support from Android.

Enterprise Devices

Enterprise-class mobile computer that provides reliable and secure connectivity between frontline workers and backend systems. It's designed for retail use, logistics, manufacture, healthcare and public service Its lightweight and slim design means that users can easily operate the device with one hand, carry it in pockets, and stay comfortable all day. With a battery that lasts for two to three shifts and ergonomically balanced design that minimizes user fatigue Available with physical Keypad Choice of read range from a few centimetres up to 20 meters .

Rugged Devices

Android Enterprise Rugged handheld computer can help you improve the speed and accuracy of operations Come up with full-touch capabilities plus real keys for fast data entry at high transaction rates even in severe environment. Enhanced 1D/2D scanning/data capture with read ranges of 0.15 m to 15.2 m typically required in today’s warehouses. Ultra-rugged construction withstands 3.0 m drops to concrete and 1m tumbles. IP65/IP67 ratings against dust/ water spray. Cold storage and non-incendive options support operation.

Zone devices

Suited for Special zone such as explosive atmosphere is likely to occur during normal operation, Oily environment, Mines, freezer environments and non-incendive & hazardous gases. High Visibility Display in Direct Sunlight and easily used with dirty or wet work gloves Extremely loud speaker, noise cancellation, a powerful battery, water and drop resistance

Cold Storage devices

Coats, hats, proper ear protection, footwear, and gloves are essential for warehouse workers to function more than a few minutes in cold storage areas. In much the same way, mobile data-collection computers must be built to perform under these demanding conditions. Associated barcode readers, and wireless networking equipment have been designed with features required specifically for use in cold environments. Available that are specifically made for prolonged use in cold, moist, and freezing conditions.

Industrial Tablets

Rugged tablet is designed for rapid user adoption. Ready to fit for daily workflow whether you’re a supervisor or a shop floor employee, a manager or a maintenance worker. Connect workers with subject matter experts using secure text, voice and video communications. Powerful barcode scan capabilities including near, mid and far range scans with instantaneous autofocus & rugged drop specification Vehicle docks for forklift mounting, desk docks for office use, hand or shoulder straps for keeping your tablet at your side


To achieve higher levels of productivity, Optimize work flow and accuracy in your demanding distribution center (DC) and warehouse operations with Voice technology.

To move your workers safely and efficiently through voice-guided workflows, making their jobs easier and helping you run a smarter, better business.

Voice technology can direct your associates working both hands-free and eyes-free- through their mobile workflows to minimize steps and maximize efficiencies.

Voice devices, headset, accessories & software are used to implement, integrate, monitor & manage voice solution 

Enable workers to speak in their native languages for help them pick and pack safely, efficiently and accurately.


To enhance retail, hospitality services & Industrial Automation require intelligent POS systems. Offering a complete choice of industrial touch screen machine. Offering diverse edge computers with high performance and rugged design. Providing the best range of touch screen pos system. OS versatility (android ,windows, linux compatible). Bezel free & PCAP touch screen, Toughened Glass. Powered by a high-performance processor & the system has fan-less thermal design allows heat to dissipate rapidly.


Mobile RFID Reader

It offers range of solution for your RFID needs across multiple markets provide a complete line of RFID solutions with handheld readers for retail environments, to ruggedized units for logistics and manufacturing readers are paired with lightweight, touchscreen mobile computers for logistics and industrial applications, asset tracking and logistics applications in indoors and outdoor.

RFID Antenna

RFID antenna specifically developed for forklift installations where shock and vibration can far exceed the specifications of antennas designed for fixed RFID reader applicationsComplete with mounting hardware, Antenna Cells can be mounted with no drilling, cutting or welding which enables fast and inexpensive installations for a single forklift or fleet deployments.

Fixed RFID reader

Best-in-class Fixed mount RFID reader line that enables system integrators to create RFID solutions for logistics, material handling, asset tracking and manufacturing applications. Easily deployed and managed on common networks service plan. It help you to achieve a new level of visibility in identifying RFID tags for greater tag reading accuracy.


Have wide range of RFID Tags for tracking and manage in various applications. No line of sight necessary, particular orientation & manual scanning for reading. Withstand exposure to various levels of water, chemicals, shock and temperature variations. Available with various design, read range, reusable & Onetime use.


Fiber Laser Marking

Suitable for rugged industrial environment, can operate without chillers. For high-resolution, high-speed marking and high-volume application. Easy to integrate, adaptable with negligible maintenance cost and zero requirement of consumables. Provides the best industrial solution for product identification and traceability and can perform Marking/Engraving/Coding/ Itching on all types of metals. Manufacturers who need to code data such as expiry information, lot and batch numbers, and other critical production information. Fiber laser marking machine can mark on substrates such as Coated Metals, Coated Glass, Fiber Glass, Plastics, Acrylic, Wood, Foam, Rubber, Cast Iron & Leather.

CO2 Laser Marking

Suitable for Non-metallic materials especially plastics.High quality & high duty cycle applications. Perfect for Fly-Marking-Applications (FMA) as well as stationary marking. Extensively used in food, Pharma, packaging, electronic components, consumer goods, integrated circuits, electrical appliances, mobile communications, building materials, and PVC pipes. Some of the CO2 laser marking machine applications such as Plastics, Pet Bottles, Glass, Acrylic, Wood, Ceramics, Plastic, Foils, films & Leather

UV Laser Marking

UV laser marking machine has mini laser spot, small heat affected zone, so it can be used in hyperfine marking, special material marking. It is the first choice for customers who requires high quality marking effect and special material application. UV laser marking machine has some advantages, for example perfect laser beam ,small laser spot, small heat affected zone, no material burnt problem. High marking speed, high efficiency, stable performance & low electricity consumption

Pin Marking

Precise, long-lasting marks are essential to leaving legible wording on substrates. Fast-paced industries depend on tools like dot peen markers to automate the process of marking characters on plastic and metal surfaces. Offer a collection of dot peen markers designed for optimal efficiency and long-lasting impressions. Our dot peen markers deliver precise dot placement that yields high-quality efficient marks for various applications.


Smart kiosk system built with touch computer, diverse components, and various types of stands to meet every unique need.

Brings automation in easier way, operational efficiency & improve daily user need

Various model available for businesses in terms of the data they collect and the apps they run


To automate industrial processes and integrate with existing & customised application. Integrating Barcode scanners, printers & HMI with software Applications. This hardware interprets the information of the higher-level software to execute the movements of the automated systems.A PLC typically uses a fieldbus, i.e., an industrial communication network that connects the system with the various components in an automated warehouse. These include sensors, electric motors, valves and switches, among others. PLCs can also be outfitted with safety devices to ensure reliable machine operation and minimise any possibility of error.

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