As a prominent industrial solution provider, we specialize in pinpointing customer challenges and creating application-based solutions to streamline work processes seamlessly. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating software applications with hardware processes. We concentrate on minimizing time-consuming workflows, enhancing efficiency. We have internal team of solution architects is committed to supervising the entire process, beginning with requirement gathering and concluding with the delivery of the finalized application to the customer. Simultaneously, our development team collaborates with service engineers for the integration of hardware components, specifically focusing on those who engage extensively with industry-leading OEMs.


An ISO Audit application for all industries is a software tool designed to assist companies in conducting and managing audits related to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards.

Conducting regular audits ensures that a company’s processes and practices align with these standards, helping to maintain compliance, improve operations, and enhance overall quality.

This Audit application tailored for manufacturing/production industries assists in efficiently planning, conducting, and managing ISO audits, ensuring compliance with standards and facilitating continuous improvement efforts within the organization.


Store manager application for a warehouse is a specialized software tool designed to optimize and streamline all your warehouse operations.

It generates intuitive daily reports for Directors and Executives regarding inventory processes, leading to a reduction of manual work involved in warehouse management by 20-30%.

It plays a crucial role in enhancing the accuracy of movement for both inward and outward goods, complemented by the AI implementation of a virtual house.


A traceability application is a software tool, designed to track and record the movement, origin, and history of products, components, or materials throughout their lifecycle.

The main goal of traceability is to provide transparency, accountability, and visibility into the supply chain, enabling businesses to monitor and manage various aspects of their operations, such as quality control, compliance, recalls, and overall process efficiency.

This applications play a crucial role in modern supply chain management by enhancing accountability, reducing risks, and improving operational efficiency.


Implementing a Production Monitoring System in your unit can lead to increased operational efficiency, reduced downtime, improved quality, and better decision-making based on real-time and historical data.

Robust defects identification system contributes significantly to overall product quality and helps organizations maintain high standards

This solution designed to track, analyze, and visualize the performance of manufacturing or production processes in real-time while minimizing the impact of defects on production efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Our very owned verifier applications is ensuring accurate identification, tracking, and quality control of products throughout the production process. These applications help in managing inventory, reducing errors, and enhancing overall efficiency. It aligns with the principles of lean manufacturing and quality control, ensuring that each batch is accurately identified and monitored throughout its lifecycle.

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